How to remove hard water stains from windows

Sprinklers and cleaning windows with a garden hose are the two biggest causes of hard-water stains on your windows. Sometimes the stains come off easily; sometimes they don’t come off at all.

Grade #0000 steel woolHere are tips for removing hard water deposits:

  • Use Grade #0000 steel wool with soap and water. This superfine steel wool will not scratch glass. This method works well on stains that haven’t been on the glass for very long. You can get this steel wool at supply stores, such as Home Depot.
  • For more permanent stains, you need to use chemicals to remove them. These chemicals come in powder or liquid form, and are available at janitorial supply stores.

If you don’t want to tackle removing hard water stains, give us a call at 623-738-6064. We’re here to help!

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