Why Cleaning Extra-Dirty Windows and Sunscreens Cost More

I’m often asked why it’s necessary to charge more for cleaning extra-dirty windows and for cleaning sunscreens.

Here is my process for cleaning extra-dirty windows

First, I scrub every square inch of glass with a specially designed scrubber.

Next, I scrub every square inch of glass with 0000 steel wool (in the car detailing industry, this is called super cleaning).

Then I squeegee the glass.

Repeat as necessary for sparkling clean windows.

As you can see, it’s a time-consuming process.

Here is my process for cleaning sunscreens

Sunscreens attract dirt like a magnet and make them extremely hard to get clean. Also, if sunscreens are on a second floor, it’s quite a bit of work to remove them, take them down the ladder, clean them, go back up the ladder, and reinstall them correctly. Yes, this work is exhausting!

How the screens are cleaned:

  • First, I dry-brush both sides.
  • Second, I spray on Screen Magic.
  • Third, I wipe the screen and frame until dry with a microfiber cloth.

All of this takes time and effort, but the end result is a sensational-looking home for you, the customer. I’d say that is worth it, wouldn’t you?

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